Kimberly Fisher
What inspired you to write this book?  
Jim Cullum: I was inspired to write “Let Me Show You How I Love You” when I became aware of a pattern of what seemed to be a lack of awareness among many men. I have been a licensed health care professional for over forty years. I have worked with hundreds of women during this time: nurses, nursing assistants, housekeepers, etc. During Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, etc., the  
female staff would usually ask me what I did for my wife.  
When I told them what I had done, they would reply, “That is so sweet, I wish my husband (or boyfriend) would do things like that.” This happened so often, it made me begin to think. I wondered why some men didn’t do some of the many things that I always seemed to do. I took notes about this for almost four years. The psychiatrist who wrote the foreword to my book specializes in couples and sex therapy and he encouraged me to write the book. It’s written simply with no psychobabble to encourage men to keep reading. I wanted to help them be able to better express their love to their special someone.

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Lillian Cauldwell
Are you just beginning a new relationship or has the spark gone out of your old one? 

Relationship expert JIM CULLUM, author of the popular book, Let Me Show You How I Love You, reveals dozens of tips and techniques that you can use to successfully stimulate the passion in your relationship that every women desires. 

How a man: 
o Make her happy without spending money 
o Give her what she really wants 
o Make big deposits in her emotional bank account 
o Touch her deeply without using his hands 
Learn secrets that have been known to the world’s happiest couples! 

Ignite a spark that builds into a romantic blaze! 
When your children tell you to “Get a Room!,” you know you’re doing something right! 

Learn how to keep your honey happy! 

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Vivian Gaspar
Jim Cullum TV interview with Vivian Gaspar on Stop My Crisis
Aired on Thursday, January 27th at 10:00 pm and Friday, January 27 at 9:30 am.

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